Thanks A Lot Guys ;D

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bee Attitude

Bee busy
Doing what You Love to do.

Bee true
To the Dreams God's given You.

Bee sure
To taste the Sweetness of each day

Bee silly
Giggle lots...take off and play.

Bee Bold
Enough to Trust Your Wings and Fly.

The Power of Prayer will get You by.

Bee Happy
Keep Your Outlook Bright and Sunny.

Bee Yourself...Bee- cause
You really are a Honey!!!!!!


haruan tasek said...

aku nak semuanya. tapi aku tak nak jadi BEE.

rasp said...

bee urself bee coz
we love u jez the way u r....

smoooocchhh & hugsss

Hana Kamaruddin said...

haruan tasek...tak nak jadi BEE nk jd pe?

Hana Kamaruddin said...

rasp....we love u 2 sis ;p

Luth Textile said...

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